Black Friday Product #1

Not Just A Product But A Community, A Family To Help Grow YOUR Business.

We have created the most robust and “complete” membership site where you can get everything you need under one roof.

A community where the tools are right there for you, a wide variety of pre-made products for you to chose from, proven traffic systems, detailed list building and HELP.

Expert ongoing LIVE help on a weekly basis, the answers you need when you need them.

Everything in one place to practically eliminate your barriers, and drastically shorten your learning curve. This isn’t just me talking, our MUA community loves this website.

This is our FLAGSHIP product and has been our best seller since April of 2010 with thousands of ACTIVE members and more than 8000 units sold through JVZoo top date.

A Membership Site With Everything You Need Under One Roof.

Expert ongoing LIVE help on a weekly basis.
A community where the tools are right there for you.
Proven traffic systems & detailed list building.


The most unique, engaging and informative training webinars on the web takes place LIVE every Thursday at 9:00 PM Est. These PRIVATE episodes are between 2-4 hours of PURE CONTENT with new topics and questions answered weekly! You can login or dial in if you like. The a Q&A periods are great If you're stuck on anything.

We use the GoToWebinar platform where you can even show me your screen and I can help you right on your computer LIVE. Plus every single session is recorded for you so you can play it back in the members area whenever you want.


You'll feel like you're sitting in the room next to us as we broadcast our weekly webinar LIVE to our member audience. This is where you get the behind the scenes learning as we cover weekly housekeeping and trending topics. 100% transparency here! 

You’re going to see the fun and “human side” of our 7 figure company as we show you the behind the scenes camera angles. You’ll see everything including all the bleeps, blunders and goof ups! Because THAT'S how you learn.


This is an internet marketing encyclopedia that we could charge THOUSANDS of dollars for because there are well over 450 recorded training sessions in here. 

You'll never miss a minute of the weekly coaching because each episode is immediately stored in our training vault for easy access later. You can attend live or watch the replay at any time. These archives go way back to April of 2010!


You'll NEVER build your business alone again with access to our private group because MUA is a tightly knit family of successful marketers and online entrepreneurs just like YOU. Our group is AWESOME and we love to help each other! Every week there is a summary post of that weeks MUA webinar. You’ll build a support system in here that will last a lifetime. You can go on to do business with other members and perhaps make millions of dollars together. How can I put a price tag on that opportunity. You’ll never feel alone, frustrated or confused about what to do next. The Unfair Advantage Membership literally solves this problem for you.


Some software companies charge a yearly fee for support because of the ongoing costs involved but NOT US. This is sooooo important to us and when I say “us” I mean, me and my wife Melinda. This isn’t some big corporation that’s gonna treat you like a number or a statistic. You’ll be dealing directly with Melinda, and her personal assistant. WE DO NOT OUTSOURCE SUPPORT.

A Membership Site With Everything You Need Under One Roof.

Expert ongoing LIVE help on a weekly basis.
A community where the tools are right there for you.
Proven traffic systems & detailed list building.

My Unfair Advantage Also Includes...

5 Core Products, Training, Software & Tools

Your MUA membership gives unrestricted access to every level of our 5 core products so.. THIS ONE PRODUCT IS ACTUALLY SIX PRODUCTS COMBINED!!!

This isn't just permission to promote our products this is ACCESS TO ALL THE ACTUAL PRODUCTS AND WEBSITES THEMSELVES.

You get access to our top selling courses, plugins and software tools, all the upsells all the memberships nothing is held back.

Buzzinar List Building System & Viral Traffic Software

Retail Value $390.00 ($12,000.00 Production Cost)

This is one of our best selling products because it is a TRAFFIC MAGNET and nothing is more important to your business than traffic and leads. The Buzzinar training reveals our simple and mind blowing viral list building method that you can start implementing immediately to get traffic. 

This thing will put your list building on steroids by using the combination of our viral marketing concept and software. Buzzinar includes a developer license to our highly acclaimed, viral traffic pulling wordpress plugin and HTML software that you can use repeatedly to get traffic on as many sites as you want!

Rapid Profit System

Retail Value $83.95 (Production Cost $3,800.00)

This is our formula for generating quick solid profit through highly effective affiliate marketing campaigns. This system works even if you’ve got no list and no prior experience as an affiliate marketer. 

RPS teaches you how to create and leverage huge Custom Audiences usining social media so that you can send traffic to any offer. You'll learn to master the MARKET, the FUNNEL and the CAMPAIGN. 

This product will save you so much time because the heavy lifting is already DONE FOR YOU plus the system itself is a huge shortcut to your learning curve.

Funnel Boss Training Course & 26 DFY Funnels

Retail Value $388 (Production cost $39,000.00)

Funnel Boss walks you through the funnel process with “whiteboard style” diagram videos so you can actually visualize the process. The best part of your Funnel Boss access is one year's worth of DONE FOR YOU FUNNELS!

We’ve built these all in house so its all solid content and you get the product, the website, the sales pages, upsell pages, optin pages, the sales copy, the videos, the optimize press templates, the graphics, the source files, THE ENTIRE PRODUCT FUNNELS!

Each of these funnels would cost you $1500 EACH to create yourself (I know because I paid my team to create them!) and you are getting 26 of them. YES, as an MUA member you are getting 26 pre made funnels that I paid over $39,000.00 to have created.

Internet Selling For Newbies Video Training Course

$51.95 Retail Value (Production Cost $2,500.00)

This course contains the nuts and bolts of making money online. These are the online profit fundamentals that most marketers “think” they know but don’t. Inside of ISFN we teach the differences between marketing and selling.

Understanding the 4 fundamentals and 8 components of a profitable online business are the key to creating passive wealth in this industry. The ISFN video course will walk you through the process one module at a time till you have a firm grasp on how to build your own self sustaining and scalable IM business with multiple income streams.

Content Nitrous Video Course & Software Plugin Suite

$88.95 Retail Value (Production Cost $14,000.00)

The sooner you start building membership sites that bill customers monthly, the happier your spouse will be. There is no better feeling than making $30,000 on the first of the month automatically, effortlessly, every single month on the day your rebill cycle kicks in. 

Content nitrous focuses on teaching you EXACTLY how to create powerful membership sites with content strategies that keep people paying you month after month. You’re getting 5 software tools that we had developed IN HOUSE to give us an advantage in monetizing all of our membership sites. This product includes FIVE wordpress plugins:

The Step Box Plugin
will increase your long term profits, inject cash  and decrease support.

Notes Nitrous enables users to create abd save notes in their members area.

404 Nitrous empowers you to control and monetize all your error pages. 

Drip Nitrous allows you to slowly release content on a timed monthly basis. 

Menu Nitrous will enable you to create animated jump menus in your websites.

My Unfair Advantage Also Includes...

6 Custom Tailored Mini Courses


This course will teach you how to create a digital information product from scratch. Look over Omar's shoulder as he creates a product and sales process right on your screen in a matter of hours!


Learn the techniques Omar uses to create audiences and build subscriber lists. Just ONE tactic revealed in this video can add hundreds of subscribers to your list THIS WEEK. Watch the video and download all the resources from this training course,


"Marketing" just isn't enough, you MUST learn how to sell and thats done online with SALES PAGES. In this course Omar teaches you the exact ways to sell different types of products to various types of audiences.  You'' love his sales templates!


You'll be blown away when you see how easy it is to create a recurring income with membership sites. This step by step videos will make you an expert at creating password protected membership sites with WordPress!


Join Omar, Melinda and the OWNERS OF JVZOO in a series of 6 videos that will uncover the secret tips and tricks used by millionaire marketers to make BANK on JVZoo through both Product Launching AND Affiliate Marketing!


Imagine being locked in a room with 12 Internet marketing millionaires and being able to pick their brains about anything and everything for an entire weekend! Thats what happened during the millionaire marketing bootcamp and we recorded the whole thing!

My Unfair Advantage Also Includes...

LIVE Weekly Coaching Webinars

See Our Webcams - Ask Questions

Every week there is a LIVE coaching webinar wehere we discus trending topics, answer all your marketing questions AND we do a slide presentation. We don't leave until every question is answered. Some of these webinars are between 2-3 hours!

Chat & Interact With Other Members

Thats a screenshot of the LIVE webinar simulcast we do in our private MUA Facebook group. This was episode #293 but we are currently approaching episode 400! And by the way...  all the recordings are in the archives for you!

Black Friday Product #2

Use This To Create Beautiful Lead Funnels And Grow Your List On Steroids!

This software creates gorgeous lead capture funnels FOR YOU in less than 2 minutes with just a few clicks of your mouse. These pages look absolutely stunning and convert your visitors into subscribers like nothing else on the market. Use the page builder to set the appearance and customize the look as you want. The best part of the system is that you can select from over 180 products to offer your prospects as an ethical bribe!

YES, it comes with 180 products and a new one is added for you every month at no additional cost. Choose products from 9 seperate categories. Each of these robust digital procucts include a video and a PDF. Really, you're getting 180 videos and ebooks that you can offer as an ethical bribe on your squeeze funnels.

There is an image library with over 250 beautiful HD backgrounds in 10 different categories. Select the image you want and modify the other page elements to your liking. The software adds leads to your autorespoonder of choice and even delivers the product for you on a custom download page. Convertoolz keeps track of all your conversion stats, optins, leads and displays them nicely by campaign on your dashboard. This makes it easy for you to duplicate, edit and even split test campaigns!

You can even start to monetize your leads using the built in product banner system and select from one of the preloaded affiliate offers or just insert your own banner or affiliate link for any offer that you want to promote on any affiliate network!

Here's What  You Get With CONVERToolz. 

You’ve Got Everything Under One Roof Right Here.

Quickly create stunning landing pages and download pages using the CONVERToolz page builder. Select from hundreds of backgrounds and customize the look and feel of your funnel. Add videos, text, banners and connect with YOUR autoresponder so YOU GET ALL THE LEADS.

See all your campaign stats at a glance right on the dashboard. Track clicks, visits, submissions, signups, downloads AND CONVERSIONS. Easily edit and duplicate campaigns to create split tests and optimize your business! 

Click Below To See Funnels Made With CONVERToolz

With the easy to use CONVERToolz software you have full control to make your pages look exactly the way you want. Select a background, pick your colors, add your own video or don't add any video at all!

No more fumbling around with clunky or complicated page builders. Connect to your favorite autoresponder and start pulling in leads galore!

These products are created in house by Omar & Melinda Martin. This is 100% rock solid content that looks great and your prospects will LOVE. Each one comes with a video and an eBook! If you were to outsource this it would cost you hundreds of dollars per product!

You're getting a library of 180 digital products created by us PLUS we add at least 1 new product to the library every single month at no additional charge! Yeah, seriously.

Black Friday Product #3

This Tool Drives Traffic, Builds Your List & Makes You Sales ALL WITH ONE BUTTON. Use This To Create Viral Lead Attraction Campaigns That Grow Your List Automatically.

This is our brand new viral traffic plugin for WordPress. Users can create unlimited share buttons which will put subscribers onto their lists directly from Facebook. 

With one click the visitor is added to your list, shares your page on their Facebook wall, and gets taken to any page you want. The plugin also adds a download banner on the target page for you to deliver your ethical bribe.

VTB can even add the visitor to a live or evergreen webinar for you, all of this with NO OPTIN REQUIRED.

Viral Traffic Boost Lets You Create a "Magic Button" That Drives Traffic, Builds YOUR List & Makes Sales For You!

Your prospect pushes ONE BUTTON

and Viral Traffic Boost takes care of the rest.

The marketing possibilities
with this are limitless.

When someone clicks your magic button, VTB will pull their email from Facebook and add it directly to your autoresponder list!
VTB will simultaneously share your post on their Facebook wall AND navigate them to any page you desire!
Your download banner and button will display at the top of any site you send them to!

Yes, even if its someone ELSES website.

Create As Many Buttons As You Want
Fast & Easy In 4 Simple Steps


Style Your Magic Button

Design your button shape and style to match any website and select the subscriber list you want your leads added to.


Insert Your Message For Facebook

Enter any message and image that you want to be shared on your subscribers’ Facebook wall.


Create Your Banner

Design the style of your download banner which will be placed on any product page you want to promote.


Paste Your Shortcode

Copy and paste your campaign shortcode into any page you want your magic button to appear!

Here Are Just Some Samples Of The

Viral Traffic Campaigns You Can Create

 Your Viral Traffic Boost Buttons Do THREE THINGS SIMULTANEOUSLY

This is a demo of a squeeze page that we put our magic button on. With a little creativity you can make all sorts of campaigns that drive traffic while building your list AND promoting affiliate offers!


This is an actuall VTB magic button that shares THIS page on your facebook while adding your name to our subscriber list and redirecting you to a new page with a free gift on top!

Seamlessly integrates With...

Black Friday Product #4

Use This Tool To Offer Bonuses To All Your New Subscribers!

Commission Magnets is your very own affiliate marketing platform that makes you money by doing the marketing FOR YOU.

No more fumbling around with clunky or complicated page builders

Now you can use OUR proven bonus pages, products and marketing material to…


We’ve taken all the hard stuff out of being a profitable JVZoo affiliate in July of 2019 and beyond.

We Do Everything for You So You Can Just Focus on Collecting the Commissions. 

Commission Magnets comes with built in software, training, and tools. Everything you need is right at your finger tips... a variety of bridge pages, bonus pages, delivery docs and PRODUCTS. We've already built it all FOR YOU.

You'll be able to quickly customize your own bonus pages by simply entering your own headline and YouTube video link. The pages are hosted by us so there is no additional expense for the user. The best part is that all the bonus products are provided for you!

We've created 40 UNIQUE digital products that include videos, ebooks, text docs, graphics and PSD's. We made this all ourselves, in house. This is top quality material and you get PLR rights to it all. It cost over $17,000 to produce this material. Bonus pages, download pages, delivery docs, product zips... all included with detailed instructions.

Ohh and the video training is simply top notch. Over 6 hours of screen presentations by Omar Martin himself walking you through the process of attracting leads and warming them up to purchase by using BRIDGE PAGES. All the research material and resources are included and each video comes with its own PDF to follow along.

Commission Magnets is the bomb. Your results may vary but this is the EXACT process and tools that we use to make well over a thousand dollars per week in passive commissions on JVZoo.

INSTANT AFFILIATE APPROVAL - No more waiting and hoping you get approved to promote. With Commission Magnets you are INSTANTLY APPROVED to promote our 7 core products that each convert over 7% of traffic into buyers AND net you between $1 and $3 PER VISITOR! This is awesome because most vendors typically shy away from affiliates that don’t already have a ton of sales and experience. With Commission Magnets you’re in like flynn!
SECRET JVZOO APPROVAL CODES - We’ve even negotiated instant approval for you with a bunch of our partners! Now Commission Magnet members get approval codes for an additional 19 products! You need this because now you’ll have a total of 26 products you can instantly start promoting and making money with! No more waiting and praying for affiliate approval.
40 (YES FORTY) ORIGINAL BONUS PRODUCTS - This is an absolute no brainer because you are getting a huge variety of unique, valuable and ATTRACTIVE products to give away as incentives for people to BUY THROUGH YOU! You need this because it spares you months and months of hard work creating bonus products plus it saves you all the expensive costs involved with outsourcing such a product creation nightmare! We’ve already DONE IT FOR YOU.
CUSTOMIZABLE CLOUD HOSTED BONUS PAGES - Your 7 DFY bonus pages aren't just done for you they are also HOSTED FOR YOU! You WANT this because it spares you the aggravation of setting up a domain name, server settings and all that technical nonsense. Plus lets not forget the COSTS of having to pay for hosting. With commission magnets your hosting costs are zero.
DELIVERY DOCS - Your bonus products are already placed into beautiful PDF documents for easy deliverability to your customers. This is super convenient for you because the docs are easy to deliver right inside of JVZoo or via email so you never have to zip up bonuses or use file sharing networks to deliver them.

If you were to try and create this stuff yourself it would take you MONTHS of hard work. 

Even if you were to outsource the creation of this material it would easily cost you AT LEAST $197 per product. X 40 products = $7,880 in development. Thats just for the bonus products!

Commission Magnets contains all the DONE FOR YOU components you need to start earning commissions as soon as TODAY.

"And listen…. It's Not About The List!

Granted - having a list definitely helps. But it's not necessary (we'll show you our time tested FREE traffic-getting methods in the BONUS training course).

The richest affiliates online don't have the biggest lists - they have the best strategy.

Like we do.

CLOUD HOSTED MONETIZED DOWNLOAD PAGES - You can send your customer directly to a download page instead of giving them a delivery doc. This is super smart because it enables you to advertise more products to your customers THROUGH YOUR AFFILIATE LINK. We do all this for you automatically… zero work on your part.
HIGH PERFORMING TRAFFIC MATERIAL - Every one of your bonus pages comes with 6 professionally copy written post adverts and 6 proven emails to market with. That’s a total of 84 custom marketing pieces! This is such a huge benefit for you because you can focus on making money instead of writing and testing your own sales copy.
BUILT IN STATS AND TRACKING - You no longer need a scientific calculator to figure out exactly how your bonus page is performing and how much money you’re making. This is important because you won't waste time and money on split testing or link cloaking software. The system connects to JVZoo FOR YOU and shows you exactly how your bonuses are performing!
FACEBOOK FRIENDLY AFFILIATE LINKS - No more banhammer from the social media titan. You can share your Commission Magnets links on Facebook without fear of reprise! This is super convenient AND protects your facebook account because direct linking to affiliate offers is frowned upon but Facebook likes Commission Magnet bonus pages!
EASY TO UNDERSTAND TRAINING - This training is the cherry on top of you perfect commission sundae. You can finally learn the “WHY” & “HOW” that has held you back for so long. These are a bonus - don't worry you can start making commissions even BEFORE you watch the training. If you want to become a Commission Expert then watch the 5 modules at your leisure.

"If You Can Copy & Paste… 
You're OVER  Qualified.

Each one of your Commission Magnets is easily customizable right in the members area. There’s nothing to it! If you can copy and paste YOU’RE OVERQUALIFIED!

Here’s how easily and seamlessly your magnets work…

You can just copy your bonus offer page URL and promote as is OR you can paste your own video link and headline to customize the page… Either way YOU EARN THE COMMISSIONS!

Take a look at all of your beautiful DONE FOR YOU bonus pages….

We are doing all of the marketing for you here. You've now got our time tested, high converting marketing material for each campaign right at your fingertips.

Emails & Adverts

Done For You material to promote the bonus to your audience.

Bonus Products

Done For You bonus products to give your buyers.

Delivery Doc

Done For You bonus delivery docs to uploaded to your JVZoo acct.

OP2 Bonus Page

Done For You OP2 template for each of your hosted bonus pages.

OP2 Download Page

Done For You OP2 template for each of your bonus download pages.

"These Commission Magnets Are So Irresistable That You're Customers Are Going to Be THROWING Money At You!

We’ve spared NO EXPENSE in developing these custom bonus products for you. Each product consists of a training video, a PDF eBook, and custom graphics all developed BY US in house.

Black Friday Product #5

This Product Will Defibrillate Your Online Business

The IMC is a series of 4 comprehensive online business courses created for Internet Marketers that are stuck in an unproductive rut. Each clinic is taught personally by Omar and Melinda Martin who cover EXACTLY what prevents most marketers from getting ahead. They will attack the issues head on and show you the simple practical and repeatable solutions THEY have personally used for Traffic, List Building, Conversion and Scaling.

This is NOT a bunch of regurgitated or hyped up theory. These are actionable lessons that include both practical demonstrations along with the didactic training on the fastest and most reliable methods to succeed in these areas today. The class recordings are available in the members area along with verbatim PDF transcripts and other accompanying material. Each module includes additional study material including slides and checklists.

Traffic Driving Clinic

The 3 most effective ways you can get traffic that will WANT to buy. (This will practically guarantee that you always have a stream of targeted buyers.)
The fastest way to get clicks and start seeing measurable results. (You'll save precious time and countless headaches with this one method.)
The "poor man’s guide" to paid traffic (You'll finally learn some easy and cost effective ways to tap into PPC.
Tactful ways to get other marketers to send you their buyers (This one has been staring you in the face and you won't believe how easy it is. )

List Building Clinic

A fool-proof viral strategy that builds your lists on autopilot (You're finally going to leverage the REAL power of attraction to get new leads.)
Social media list tactics that'll make you wanna slap the person next to you. (These are so easy to do that you can get your whole family involved.)
The 7 guaranteed ways to increase your opt-in rates and delivery rates (These are PURE GOLD and we can probably make a whole course on them.)
Emailing tricks and strategies that actually GROW your list (You've probably been scared shitless of this one and I'm gonna show you how EASY and profitable it is.)

Conversion Clinic

The four hypnotic factors that practically FORCE people to buy. (Now you'll be able to get people to take action FAST and create repeat loyal customers.)
High performance AFFILIATE conversion tactics that bank over $700 daily. (You've been leaving so many commissions on the table and we're gonna show you how to snatch'em up.)

Our 5 secret backend methods for converting low ticket buyers into $10k, $18k, and even $32k customers (Now you'll be tapping into the BIG ticket sales that are made behind the scenes.)
And many more conversion tips used by experts to create repeat business!

Scaling Clinic

Time saving ways to grow the sales side of your business with a FREE app. (This is our secret weapon for quickly repeating successful campaigns over and over!)
The keys to managing big projects without losing your mind (When you learn this method you'll be able to build multiple products and launches at one time!)
The exact tools that can automate your income on a shoestring budget. (Take a look behind the curtain and see the time saving and duplication tools and plugins we use ourselves!)
The trick to winning bigger and bigger launch contests and making evergreen commissions (This one will OPEN YOUR EYES and make you rethink your whole affiliate game!)

And now the big one...

Black Friday Product #6

Create Your Own Digital Product & Membership Site Then Launch It!

Launchpad takes you by the hand and leads the way to creating and launching your first digital product from scratch. This course starts you off on a blank screen and takes you through everything step by step.

This course is the REAL DEAL and normally sells for $2000 by webinar. You'll be looking over Omar's shoulder as he personally creates a product, builds the membership site and develops a bundle of 5 SOFTWARES! There are 5 modules and each module has 5 lessons. These lessons are made of both didactic and practical training.  Omar shows you what to do and even supplies you with the tools and templates to do it yourself.

The lessons come with additional breakaway videos to expand on certain topics. You get lesson summaries, pdf's, checklists, resources THE WORKS. Follow along and create your own multi media product to sell for 100% OF THE PROFITS! Learn to make a video course, an audio book, a PDF eBook, a software plugin, a sales video, sales funnel, a members area and all the pages that go along with it!

Plus... once the product, the website and the funnel are done you'll learn exactly how to set up a million dollar JV page and recruit affiliates to promote YOUR launch! This product will teach you every single skill you need to know to become a 6 figure digital product vendor!


Strategize Your Launch

This is where you lay down the proper foundation to make this entire process simple and quick to execute.

Video 1: Select & Research Your Topic
Video 2: Your 5-5-5 Outlines In Drive
Video 3: Domain, Hosting, Logo & Graphics
Video 4: Plan Your Funnel Strategy
Video 5: Configure Your Product

Develop Your Product

This is where you use our templates and systems to develop each part of your digital product.

Video 1: From Outline To Slides
Video 2: From Slides To Video
Video 3: From Video To Book
Video 4: From Book To Audio Course
Video 5: Creating Additional Content

Create A Membership Site

Build out your entire site using our membership skeleton and watch your product come to life.

Video 1: Deploy Members Area Clone
Video 2: Configure Your Entire Members Area
Video 3: Deploy Your Content And Downloads
Video 4: Sales Copy, Format & Layout
Video 5: Sales Video Production

Assemble Your Funnel

Learn the tricks of the trade for creating BACKEND profit streams from your product launch.

Video 1: Assembling Your Sales Funnel
Video 2: Integrating Your Sales Funnel
Video 3: Test Everything Properly TWICE

Video 4: JV Page & Earn Money Page
Video 5: Finishing Touches – StepBox – Buzzinar

Recruit JVs & Launch!

Master the skills to attract an army of affiliates that will send buyers to your launch.

Video 1: Recruiting & Retaining Affiliates
Video 2: Training Your Affiliates
Video 3: Creative Tool Ideas
Video 4: Perpetual Affiliate Building Mindset

Video 5: Building JV Buzz
Video 5: Managing A Product Launch

Okay so Here's The Bottom Line.

Live weekly coaching with Omar & Melinda Martin plus access to all our core products. Over 450 video episodes in the archives. 6 Mini-courses and your own PLR library.

The software to create lead funnels, beautiful landing pages that connect with YOUR autoresponder to build YOUR LIST. Best part is that you get OVER 180 PRODUCTS DONE FOR YOU.

The WordPress plugin that creates magic buttons which pull certified names and emails from Facebook directly onto your list with NO OPTIN REQUIRED. Drives traffic, grows your list & makes sales FOR YOU.

The software that creates amazing bonus pages which you can customize. The cool thing is that it includes the bonus products, and all the marketing material!

4 brilliant training courses that takes a deep dive into the 4 most important parts of your marketing business. Traffic, List Building, Conversion & Scaling!

THE COMPLETE LAUNCHPAD COURSE! *Plus access to the 2021 version as it becomes available. A Soup to nuts digital product development and launch training. Follow along step by step to create and launch your own product and membership site! Training, Templates and Tools Included!



Buy with confidence. We’re dedicated to your success and we guarantee that
you’ll love this product. If you are dissatisfied for any reason just let us know at and we’ll issue you a prompt and hassle free refund

Questions? Concerns? Call us Toll Free At 866-205-3389

Omar & Melinda Martin

The Internet Marketing Power Couple

A team with a Rock solid Reputation

We've been helping internet marketers build their online businesses with the best tools and training since 2007. Buy with confidence.

*The upcoming 2021 LaunchPad videos won't be relaeased until January 25, 2021. Members will be notified by email as new videos are released each Monday.

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